How to reset password for ESVA antispam VM ?

How to reset the administrator password for the server antispam Esva? For both telnet root access and wbe GUI Admin access.
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ESVA is basically Linux in a VM. You should be able to use the standard single user mode in Linux to reset the root password.

I haven't set up an ESVA, so I don't know where the GUI passwords are stored, but they shouldn't be hard to find or reset once you have root access.
btw, how is this anti spam doing, I tired untangle, and I'm very satisfied with it,  just wondering ..

Its great. its the best thing thats ever happened to blocking out those zillions of spam mail.I highly recomend it.
Untangle is blocking about 99% of SPAM, however dose this spam block as much ?
can this Anti SPAM work with exchange ? dose this work in the following setup.
 [ Internet ] ====== [ Anti SPAM ] === [ Exchange ] ===[Users]
Thank you
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