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Network Speed - one user's computer is constantly uploading

We have about 10 computers on our network here all running off of the same switch and i recently put a call into our ISP complaining about how low our upload is (100kbps)- they came in and did all the tests and came to the conclusion that it is not on their end, but someone's computer in our network is taking up that speed- therefore their computer must be uploading something at all times.  They told me I could connect a laptop to one of the non used ports on the switch and then pull out the other cat5 cables one at a time and each time I pull them out run a speedtest to determine which computer it is.  I am wondering if there is a program that I can install on the server that will do this for me??  
2 Solutions
No because the server has no onvolvement in the upload to th einternet.
With 10 client machines that would be the fastest way instead of using a packet sniffer
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
Since the client machines (or one or a few of them) are causing the problem, you'll have to do your troubleshooting on those machines.  Frankly, IMO, the quickest way to get to this problem is to:
1.  Install and run antispyware software (i.e., Microsoft Defender, Spybot, or similar app) on each computer. This is the most likely cause of the behavior you're seeing.
2.  If the problem persists, then it's a user behavioral problem.  You'll need to observer or question users to see if someone is running something (maybe a file-sharing app or something like that) on purpose that they're not supposed to be running.  That could get tricky, but if you are tactful about it you should be able to identify what's going on.

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