Searching Expedia on a Terminal Server/Citrix

I have an issue with users that are unable to search on When they fill out the search criteria and click search the browser it just hangs there. I have the same results with IE 7 and IE6.  After about 5 minutes IE displays yellow explaining point at the bottom of IE next to the URL. When you double click on it to get the details it displays:

Line 111
Error: Object expected
Code: 0

This is another one:
Line 62
Char 1
Error: Exp is undefined
Code 0

These above errors are different pretty much every time. The webpage will eventually load (most of the time) but the page will be missing all the graphics and will look altered.

The users can run expedia fine from a laptop outside of citrix.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just had another question with someone saying they had issues accessing from Citrix.  He thought it was an IE7 issue but it turned out to be his web filtering software.
Carl WebsterCommented:
Do you have a web filter or proxy server in use?
Serenade001Author Commented:
I have a Sonicwall that has Webfiltering enabled. Not sure if its the webfiltering due to the fact that you could access expedia from a workstation that is behind the same webfilter sonicwall.

I am open for any suggestions.
Serenade001Author Commented:
I just tested going to expedia from a laptop through the same content filter connection and it works fine. This issue looks to be isolated to citrix/terminal server 2003.

Any ideas?
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