Cannot open Act database from remote computer using VPN

I have a remote computer trying to connect to an Act! Database through a VPN connection. The office where the computer is connecting to is on a workgroup network and are successfully sharing the database with two users (one serving as the main computer where the database is shared out, and another computer in the office which has no issues connecting to the database). All three computers are running the same version, ACT! 2008 Premium. The VPN connection seems to work fine as I can connect to the computer in the office and can see the shared database. When I connect to the database it requests the username & password. I have entered the proper username and password, but after doing that I get the error message:

"Cannot find database supplemental files folder _database name_ database files in this location _ComputerName_. This could be problem with the share, or the folder may not exist. Please contact the administrator of your database."

Any suggestions?

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Mike LazarusConnect With a Mentor Act! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
Can you open the PAD file (in Notepad) and change the Host from the machine name to the IP address... this often works better with VPNs
Jacobh06Author Commented:
Nope... I still get the same error. Any other possible solutions?

I appreciate the help.
Jacobh06Author Commented:
That worked... when setting the IP address, I found out that I had to change the Database location to IP address also and configure the SQL port too.

Jacobh06Author Commented:
Thank you for the help!
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