Microsoft Access 2003 Run time Error 429 Activex Component Can't create Object

Posted on 2009-02-11
Last Modified: 2013-11-28
This code was working on Access 2000 I updated to 2003 and it does no longer work
i get the error "Run time Error 429 Activex Component Can't create Object" and I can't find the cause.

I already wen't through Microsoft KB;en-us;319844
and no luck.

All my references are working OK and the 5 causes mentioned in the article  do nothing to solve my problem.

the error is in th e line 306 of the code

' Procedure : cmFedexClaim_Click

' Author    : javier.silva

' Date      : 11/26/2008

' Purpose   :



Private Sub cmFedexClaim_Click()



Const cDocumentTemplate = "C:\temporal\fedexClaim.doc"

Dim toContact As String

Dim ToCompany As String

Dim toAddress As String

Dim ToCity As String

Dim toState As String

Dim ToCountry As String

Dim ToZIP As String

Dim toPhone As String

Dim toFax As String

Dim toEmail As String

Dim Tracking As String

Dim ShipDate As String

Dim NoPackages As String

Dim Weight As String

Dim FedexControlNumber As String

Dim NoPackages1 As String

Dim ItemNo1 As String

Dim Description1 As String

Dim ClaimedAmount1 As String

Dim NoPackages2 As String

Dim ItemNo2 As String

Dim Description2 As String

Dim ClaimedAmount2 As String

Dim NoPackages3 As String

Dim ItemNo3 As String

Dim Description3 As String

Dim ClaimedAmount3 As String

Dim ContentsOfShipment As String

Dim DamageOuter1 As String

Dim DamageOuter2 As String

Dim DamageOuter3 As String

Dim DamageInner1 As String

Dim DamageInner2 As String

Dim DamageInner3 As String

Dim DamageContents1 As String

Dim DamageContents2 As String

Dim DamageContents3 As String

Dim DeclaredValue As String

Dim DeclaredValueCustoms As String

Dim MerchandiseValue As String

Dim FedexPackFee As String

Dim FreightCharge As String

Dim TotalClaim As String

Dim Remarks1 As String

Dim Remarks2 As String

Dim SalvageContact As String

Const SalvagePhone = "(760) 275-0709"

Const SalvageFax = "(732) 216-9351"

Dim InternalReference As String

Dim ClaimDate As String

Dim numTotalClaim As Double

    Dim ckLoss As Boolean

    Dim ckComplete As Boolean

    Dim ckPartial As Boolean

    Dim ckDamaged As Boolean


    Dim CurrentBooking As Integer



    Dim txPONumber As String

    Dim txNoPackages(4) As String

    Dim txItemNo(4) As String

    Dim txClaimedAmount(5) As String

    Dim txDescription(3) As String


    Dim sSql As String

    Dim dbs As DAO.Database

    Dim rst As DAO.Recordset

    Dim POExist As Boolean

    Dim i As Integer

    Dim Counter As Integer


    Dim appWord As Object


'************* Get Phone Number data

   On Error GoTo cmFedexClaim_Click_Error


    sSql = "CustomerID = " & Me.CustomerID


        If IsNull(DLookup("[ContactFirstName]", "tblCustomers", sSql)) Then

            toContact = "Receiving Department"


            toContact = (DLookup("[ContactFirstName]", "tblCustomers", sSql))

        End If


        If IsNull(DLookup("[CompanyName]", "tblCustomers", sSql)) Then

            ToCompany = "Cardinal Health "


            ToCompany = (DLookup("[CompanyName]", "tblCustomers", sSql))

        End If


        If IsNull(DLookup("[BillingAddress]", "tblCustomers", sSql)) Then

            toAddress = "Address N/A"


            toAddress = (DLookup("[BillingAddress]", "tblCustomers", sSql))

        End If



        If IsNull(DLookup("[City]", "tblCustomers", sSql)) Then

            ToCity = "Address N/A"


            ToCity = (DLookup("[City]", "tblCustomers", sSql))

        End If


        If IsNull(DLookup("[StateOrProvince]", "tblCustomers", sSql)) Then

            toState = "N/A"


            toState = (DLookup("[StateOrProvince]", "tblCustomers", sSql))

        End If


       If IsNull(DLookup("[Country/Region]", "tblCustomers", sSql)) Then

            ToCountry = "N/A"


            ToCountry = (DLookup("[Country/Region]", "tblCustomers", sSql))

        End If


       If IsNull(DLookup("[PostalCode]", "tblCustomers", sSql)) Then

            ToZIP = "N/A"


            ToZIP = (DLookup("[PostalCode]", "tblCustomers", sSql))

        End If


        If IsNull(DLookup("[PhoneNumber]", "tblCustomers", sSql)) Then

            toPhone = "N/A"


            toPhone = (DLookup("[PhoneNumber]", "tblCustomers", sSql))

        End If


        If IsNull(DLookup("[FaxNumber]", "tblCustomers", sSql)) Then

            toFax = "N/A"


            toFax = (DLookup("[FaxNumber]", "tblCustomers", sSql))

        End If


        If IsNull(DLookup("[EmailAddress]", "tblCustomers", sSql)) Then

            toEmail = "N/A"


            toEmail = (DLookup("[EmailAddress]", "tblCustomers", sSql))

        End If


        Tracking = Me.Trailer

        txPONumber = Trim(Me.PO)


    sSql = "r3ponumber= " & """" & txPONumber & """"



        If IsNull(DLookup("[BookingID]", "tblOrdersByBooking", sSql)) Then

            CurrentBooking = 0


            CurrentBooking = (DLookup("[BookingID]", "tblOrdersByBooking", sSql))

        End If


   sSql = "BookingID= " & CurrentBooking


        If IsNull(DLookup("[DateShip]", "tblShipments", sSql)) Then

            ShipDate = 0


            ShipDate = (DLookup("[DateShip]", "tblShipments", sSql))

        End If


sSql = "RGA = " & """" & Me.RGA & """"



        If IsNull(DLookup("[qtyrga]", "qryRGADetailSummary", sSql)) Then

            NoPackages = "N/A"


            NoPackages = (DLookup("[qtyrga]", "qryRGADetailSummary", sSql))

        End If


        If IsNull(DLookup("[TotalWeight]", "qryRGADetailSummary", sSql)) Then

            Weight = "N/A"


            Weight = (DLookup("[TotalWeight]", "qryRGADetailSummary", sSql))

            Weight = Weight & " Lbs"

        End If


       FedexControlNumber = Me.Trailer






'************* Get packages item number description and claimed ammount

    For i = 1 To 3

        txNoPackages(i) = ""

        txItemNo(i) = ""

        txDescription(i) = ""

        txClaimedAmount(i) = ""


        Next i

        DeclaredValue = ""

    sSql = "SELECT Code, DESCRIPTION, QTYRGA, ExtCost FROM qryRGADetails"

    sSql = sSql & " where RGA =" & """" & Me.RGA & """"



            Set dbs = CurrentDb

            Set rst = dbs.OpenRecordset(sSql, dbOpenDynaset, [dbSeeChanges])





    numTotalClaim = 0


    If rst.RecordCount = 0 Then

            GoTo ArrancarWord




              Counter = (rst.RecordCount)

        If Counter <= 3 Then Counter = Counter Else Counter = 3


    i = 1



               While ((Not rst.EOF) And (i < 4))



        txItemNo(i) = (rst!Code)

        txDescription(i) = (rst!Description)

        txClaimedAmount(i) = (rst!ExtCost)

        numTotalClaim = numTotalClaim + Val(txClaimedAmount(i))

        DeclaredValue = DeclaredValue + txClaimedAmount(i)

               txClaimedAmount(i) = Format(txClaimedAmount(i), "$##,##0.00")


            txNoPackages(i) = (rst!QTYRGA)

                        If txNoPackages(i) = "0" Then txNoPackages(i) = "1"

                        If txNoPackages(i) = "1" Then

                                txNoPackages(i) = txNoPackages(i) & " CS"


                                txNoPackages(i) = txNoPackages(i) & " CS"

                        End If


                        i = i + 1




    NoPackages1 = txNoPackages(1)

    ItemNo1 = txItemNo(1)

    Description1 = txDescription(1)

    ClaimedAmount1 = txClaimedAmount(1)

    NoPackages2 = txNoPackages(2)

    ItemNo2 = txItemNo(2)

    Description2 = txDescription(2)

    ClaimedAmount2 = txClaimedAmount(2)

    NoPackages3 = txNoPackages(3)

    ItemNo3 = txItemNo(3)

    Description3 = txDescription(3)

    ClaimedAmount3 = txClaimedAmount(3)





            End If



    ContentsOfShipment = " Plastic Tubing / Medical Devices"

    DamageOuter1 = "Damages Described in detail in Attached RGA sent to customer"

    DamageInner1 = "Damages Described in detail in Attached RGA sent to customer"

    DamageContents1 = "Damages Described in detail in Attached RGA sent to customer"

    'numTotalClaim = DeclaredValue

    DeclaredValue = "$" & " " & numTotalClaim

    DeclaredValue = Format(DeclaredValue, "$##,##0.00")

    DeclaredValueCustoms = "N/A"

    MerchandiseValue = DeclaredValue

    FedexPackFee = "$ 0.00"

    FreightCharge = "$ 150.00"

    numTotalClaim = numTotalClaim + 150

    TotalClaim = numTotalClaim

    TotalClaim = Format(TotalClaim, "$##,##0.00")

    InternalReference = Me.RGA

    ClaimDate = Me.DateCreation

    SalvageContact = "Not Applicable"


    ckLoss = True

    ckComplete = False

    ckPartial = True

    ckDamaged = False









'############## START WORKING WITH WORD  ######################



On Error Resume Next

    ' 1. Get Word up and running






    Set appWord = GetObject(, "Word.Application")

    If Err Then



        Set appWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")

        If Err Then

            MsgBox "Can't start Word!"

            Exit Sub

        End If

        appWord.Visible = True

    End If


On Error GoTo cmFedexClaim_Click_Error


    ' 2. Create new review document

    With appWord.Documents.Add(Template:=cDocumentTemplate)


        ' 3. Fill formfields...

.FormFields("toContact").Result = toContact

.FormFields("toCompany").Result = ToCompany

.FormFields("toAddress").Result = toAddress

.FormFields("toCity").Result = ToCity

.FormFields("toState").Result = toState

.FormFields("toCountry").Result = ToCountry

.FormFields("toZip").Result = ToZIP

.FormFields("toPhone").Result = toPhone

.FormFields("toFax").Result = toFax

.FormFields("toEmail").Result = toEmail

.FormFields("Tracking").Result = Tracking

.FormFields("ShipDate").Result = ShipDate

.FormFields("NoPackages").Result = NoPackages

.FormFields("Weight").Result = Weight

.FormFields("FedexControlNumber").Result = FedexControlNumber

.FormFields("NoPackages1").Result = NoPackages1

.FormFields("ItemNo1").Result = ItemNo1

.FormFields("Description1").Result = Description1

.FormFields("ClaimedAmount1").Result = ClaimedAmount1

.FormFields("NoPackages2").Result = NoPackages2

.FormFields("ItemNo2").Result = ItemNo2

.FormFields("Description2").Result = Description2

.FormFields("ClaimedAmount2").Result = ClaimedAmount2

.FormFields("NoPackages3").Result = NoPackages3

.FormFields("ItemNo3").Result = ItemNo3

.FormFields("Description3").Result = Description3

.FormFields("ClaimedAmount3").Result = ClaimedAmount3

.FormFields("ContentsOfShipment").Result = ContentsOfShipment

.FormFields("DamageOuter1").Result = DamageOuter1

.FormFields("DamageOuter2").Result = DamageOuter2

.FormFields("DamageOuter3").Result = DamageOuter3

.FormFields("DamageInner1").Result = DamageInner1

.FormFields("DamageInner2").Result = DamageInner2

.FormFields("DamageInner3").Result = DamageInner3

.FormFields("DamageContents1").Result = DamageContents1

.FormFields("DamageContents2").Result = DamageContents2

.FormFields("DamageContents3").Result = DamageContents3

.FormFields("DeclaredValue").Result = DeclaredValue

.FormFields("DeclaredValueCustoms").Result = DeclaredValueCustoms

.FormFields("MerchandiseValue").Result = MerchandiseValue

.FormFields("FedexPackFee").Result = FedexPackFee

.FormFields("FreightCharge").Result = FreightCharge

.FormFields("TotalClaim").Result = TotalClaim

.FormFields("Remarks1").Result = Remarks1

.FormFields("Remarks2").Result = Remarks2

.FormFields("SalvageContact").Result = SalvageContact

.FormFields("SalvagePhone").Result = SalvagePhone

.FormFields("Date").Result = ClaimDate

.FormFields("SalvageFax").Result = SalvageFax

.FormFields("InternalReference").Result = InternalReference

.FormFields("ckLoss").CheckBox.Value = ckLoss

.FormFields("ckComplete").CheckBox.Value = ckComplete

.FormFields("ckPartial").CheckBox.Value = ckPartial

.FormFields("ckDamaged").CheckBox.Value = ckDamaged


        ' allow closing without saving

        .Saved = True


    End With




    Exit Sub


   On Error GoTo 0

   Exit Sub




    MsgBox "Error " & Err.Number & " (" & Err.Description & ") in procedure cmFedexClaim_Click of VBA Document Form_frmRGAHeader"


End Sub


Private Sub Command183_Click()

On Error GoTo Err_Command183_Click

Dim stWhere As String

Dim stDocName As String



  rptCaption = Me.RGA


    stDocName = "rptRGA"

    stWhere = "([RGAID]=" & Me.RGAID & ")"

    'DoCmd.OpenReport "rptEmbarquesMensual",

    DoCmd.OpenReport stDocName, acViewPreview, , stWhere

'     DoCmd.Maximize

 '   DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdFitToWindow


    Exit Sub



    MsgBox Err.Description

    Resume Exit_Command183_Click




End Sub

Open in new window

Question by:TOPIO
    LVL 59

    Expert Comment

    by:Chris Bottomley
    Hello TOPIO,

    I would initially assume you haven't included the references for DAO.  Two options leave as they are add the DAO object library reference, (in the VBE tools | references and navigate to microsoft DAO ...) reference:

    2. Modify the definitions to use late binding:

    Dim dbs As object
    Dim rst As Object

    LVL 13

    Expert Comment

    is word actually installed (properly) on that machine?
    if so try running word first.
    LVL 59

    Expert Comment

    by:Chris Bottomley

    First off I didn't read the full post so my apologies.

    Secondly I cannot see anything obvious, line 306 as posted is blank so is there anything on that line that is erroneous ... try deleting the blanks and how does that affect the reported line?

    LVL 13

    Expert Comment

    also in the vb editor window goto tools options and make sure it only breaks on unhandled errors..
    since there's a "On Error Resume Next" on line 300
    LVL 13

    Expert Comment

    oops tools>options and then the general tab
    LVL 13

    Expert Comment

    this is what i think should solve your problem.
    LVL 84
    I'm with Surone1 on this - is Word properly installed on the machine?
    LVL 10

    Author Comment

    The references to DAO arre correct, tracing the variables all the data lookups are correct, the reference is shown below the problem is in line 307 when I call word. (not in 306 aas I had posted)
    Please see below

    Surone1>> yes word is installed correctly in my machine the office installation has been recently refreshed. and the options are set as you mentioned
    Please see below

    LVL 13

    Expert Comment

    it says break on all errors in yours, that's the problem.. please see my jpg
    LVL 13

    Expert Comment

    LVL 84
    Perhaps try this:

       Set appWord = GetObject("", "Word.Application")

    From the Help file:

    If pathname is a zero-length string (""), GetObject returns a new object instance of the specified type. If the pathname argument is omitted, GetObject returns a currently active object of the specified type. If no object of the specified type exists, an error occurs.
    LVL 10

    Author Comment


    Surone1>>  Sorry, I forgot to mention that I changed my options as seen above from what you can see in the picture to what you mentioned in your post, but on doing so the code takes  45 seconds to run and then I get another error
    LVL 10

    Author Comment

    The word application by itself runs smoothly and the template document called fedex.doc opens without a hitch and can be edited, so I do not know what else to do
    LVL 59

    Expert Comment

    by:Chris Bottomley
    Your calls to set appword are as you know correct, try deleting a couple of lines and retype the code ... no copy paste in case there any control characters caught up therein.

    LVL 59

    Expert Comment

    by:Chris Bottomley
    Lines 306 and 307 in particular of course!

    LVL 13

    Accepted Solution

    ok set breakpoints around line 319 and below tell us where it gives the error:

    On Error GoTo cmFedexClaim_Click_Error
        ' 2. Create new review document
        With appWord.Documents.Add(Template:=cDocumentTemplate)

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