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Make AIX 5.3 /lhome to mount as /home

I am trying to make AIX /lhome to mount as /home, since our Security pushes users home folder as /home.  I tried chfs, and manual change in /etc/filesystems, /home gets mounted, but then after a while it gets unmounted on its own.  Any suggestion, how to make it work
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I'm not quite sure that I understood your problem.
In AIX, /home is a filesystem of its own which resides in /dev/hd1 (rootvg) and gets mounted automatically at boot time via /etc/filesystems.

Now, what is '/lhome'?
Did you create a new filesystem and now try to mount it over /home?
Or is it a remote FS and you try to mount it over /home?

Normally, an AIX filesystem never gets unmounted on its own.
If /lhome was remote, it could be that you loose the connection to your server (NFS, cifs, whatever).

What does your /etc/filesystems look like after you made your changes?
What did you try to achieve with chfs (which parameters did you use)?

As you see, I need some clarification and some more detail.


sshujaatAuthor Commented:
In AIX 5.3 /lhome comes as Operating System Build, since our sec. is pushing user's home directory passwd files, their home folders are coming as /home/<username>.  I used following command:
chfs -m /lhome /home

As per AIX dont make changes directly into filesystems file.
I am not aware of any AIX build shipping /lhome.

Anyway, format of chfs is

chfs -m [/new/mount/point] [filesystem]

so your command should have looked like

chfs -m /home /lhome

But attention! Don't you have an existing /home filesystem, or doesn't your 'build' contain one?

If you have, you should first issue

chfs -m [/any/mount/point/of/your/choice] /home

to free the /home mountpoint.

Remember filesystems must be unmounted/mounted  after chfs -m for the changes to take effect.


sshujaatAuthor Commented:
I used last recommended solution

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