Need a backup solution for both Windows and Linux desktops.

I'm looking for a backup solution for 10 users with both WinXP and Linux desktops to back up around 50GB per user. Data is sensitive so online solutions. These are all laptops and everyone travels a lot. Any ideas?
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We use SyncBack Free edition in our XP laptops:-
 - It runs in the background every 30mins
 - Silently copies changes to remote Windows Share
 - Takes up minimal resources
 - Requires some initial configuration to operate in the background...
 - If the remote Windows share is unavailable the backup is postponed for 30 mins

This works SO MUCH BETTER than (Domain based) folder redirection and offline files - the user doesn't see anything, no popups, no errors, no nothing - it just does it's job.

the way that you want things is pretty closed, one way could be a FTP server and map a drive on each PC to that server then have all the user to copy all theirs doc to that drive and from that point instruct then to only work with those files or if go for the online solution check this:
As for Linux, you could just set up a CRON job to ftp/cifsmount to a server and 'cp -ur' the ~/* directory to it...

Essentially the same functionality as the above solution for windows...
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