Netbackup How can i competely and utterly ERASE a tape

netbackup 652 , i am attempting to erase a tape and i am running into trouble in the gui as in " this operation is not supported when assigned media is selected" i a have tried BPEXPDATE and the VMDELETE command , my guess is this tape is labled and i dont know what the media lable is , how can i see what the media lable is or totally erase it so that the lable is detroyed and it is treated a a blank neew tape?
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It depends which version of windows you're using. But typically, you start the Windows NT Backup applet by going Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Backup.

You may want to stop the Netbackup tape services before you do this (In Computer Management->Services) but you can probably get away without doing so.

Once NT Backup is running, make sure the relevant tape is in the drive, and then have a look around the menus until you find format/initialise. Again, the precise way of doing it depends on which version of NT you're running, but it shouldn't be too hard to work out - it's a pretty simple program. And it has online help, so don't forget to use that if you can't suss it out.
It depends on what operating system you're using. If it's a UNIX variant, you can format it with the mt command ('man mt' for the syntax specifics for your OS).

If you're using WIndows NT/2000/XP/2003 then just format the tape using NT backup.
kaos_theoryAuthor Commented:
windows how to i format it in nt backup?
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