IAS setup for VLAN assignment by group

Hello there, I currently have RADIUS authentication for our wireless users, but now I need to set the vlan assignment by group membership and I'm not sure how to setup the rule in IAS remote access policies to do that.  Do I need a third-party software/hardware to do this or can I do it natively in MS IAS?  

Ok I just tried some rules and I realized I need to give you more information.
I have to wireless SSIDs one called staff and one called students on seperate vlans.  
I am currently using IAS for authentication with one wireless rule.
I have different firewall rules for each vlan i.e. staff unrestricted and students restricted.  The problem is that if they change their SSID manually to the staff one they get on the unrestricted wireless.

I need to make that anyone who is a member of the student group can only get an IP address on the student vlan.

Thanks in advance,

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yorkschoolAuthor Commented:
Using some information from one of the other questions here I figured out how to do it.
I created a new group and put the students in them.
Then I put a rule in IAS before the current rule for that all users are currently using, stating that members of that group had to be on the student vlan.  I set the vlan info by editing the profile within that rule to include the vlan number as shown in the picture I've included.

If more detail is needed let me know and I'll go through it step by step.



I'm facing a problem configuring IAS to work with Cisco switch for VLANs, I have my IAS configured with a policy that having the same configuration like the above pic but I dont know what's the exact configuration have I do on my Cisco switch.
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