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Multiple mx records pointing to two different servers

I have just installed exchange server 2003 at our corporate headquarters. We have been using hosted pop3 email from bellsouth(neomail). We have a registered domain of kinnucans.com. I had an MX record added for my exchange server but left the MX record for the hosted email until I get all the bugs worked out of exchange and myself (learning on the fly).

The problem is that anyone authenticated to the DC here at the corporate office is unable to send email out to the &kinnucans.com email address that are not setup on the exchange server. we can send and receive email from other email servers out in the world just no email coming from our remote stores using @kinnucans.com on the hosted email server. Those remote stores also can not send email to those of us on the DC.

I had thought that with both MX records still in place if the email address is not on one server it would go to the other and vis versa. It seems to be that each server is blind to the other.

Sorry if this is confusing, this is my first exchage server and I am learning as I go, not the best situation.

Our remote stores are not on a domain, they are simple workgroups with outlook setup for POP email using the bellsouth email server.

All help is appreciated in advance.
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1 Solution
That isn't how MX records work.
If the user doesn't exist on one server then the sending server doesn't try the other one, it simply NDRs the message back as unknown user.
The idea of having multiple MX records is so that more than one server is available to receive email. The email should eventually end up in the same place.

However what you are doing has nothing to do with MX records. If you have mailboxes on both Exchange and an external host then you are sharing the SMTP address space.

i assume your domain controller is doing DNS internally.
you can add a MX record for the kinnucans.com  internally.
that should do it .
oh ya you can also have a MX record for your exchange serever.  internally
markrnAuthor Commented:

Yes my DC is also the DNS.

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