Custom Application gets "Class not licensed for use" error when trying to send email.

Hello Experts,
I have a custom application that is supposed to make a mapi call to an Outlook dll if Outlook is not installed then it is supposed to grab whatever mapi client is installed on the computer.

When that happens the mail app is supposed to create an email and populate the body of the email with what is displayed on the screen.

I have Groupwise 6.5 installed and when the app makes the mapi call I get a Class is not licensed for use error and System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException.

I uninstalled all windows messaging components and then Groupwise as well as Outlook and then reinstalled Groupwise and accepted it's windows messaging component.

I had to reinstall outlook because the app kept erroring saying outlook is not installed.

Now I get the "Class is not licensed for use" error.
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