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Converting existing applications from Delphi 5 to Delphi 2009

I have been using Delphi 5 for many years. I stuck with it because it worked pretty well and also because my company bought several libraries for it which I have used in my programs. So I was rather locked in. However they have now bought Delphi 2009 (still unused) which leads to a question for the Delphi experts.

What are the main hurdles I will face if I want to convert my Delphi 5 applications to run on Delphi 2009 (ignoring my 3rd Party libraries. Some are no longer supported, some can be upgraded).
Does anyone know of any good upgrade guides around to guide me by someone who has already taken this path!
Note: I have no experience at all on anything later than Delphi 5!

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MerijnBSr. Software EngineerCommented:
Most of the times upgrading a project isn't that hard using Delphi.
Special thing about Delphi 2009 is that it became unicode, so you might get some troubles there, but it totally depends on what kind of application you are talking about. Can you tell something about this?

I'd suggest you just give it a little time, see what you encounter. Big change you're done in a few hours.
WinRatAuthor Commented:
Hi MerijnB,

Thanks for the comments I suppose you are right, just take a simple one to start with and work through it. if I get stuck I can always post on EE! I know nothing abut using Unicode. Are you forced to use it in D2009 or can one still use single-byte characters?

Most of my apps are pretty simple utilities except for one big one which uses several commercial 3rd Party Libraries, Some of those libraries are no longer supported and I would have to find alternatives, and some we can purchase updates to D2009.

I was hoping that someone would have developed some general guidelines e.g. certain components that were in D5 no longer appear in D2009 or more likely, some code has been moved to different or new units.

In any event since no-one else answered I'll accept your answer thanks.
MerijnBSr. Software EngineerCommented:
> I know nothing abut using Unicode. Are you forced to use it in D2009 or can one still use single-byte characters?

You are not forced to use it, though you must realize that everywhere where you use string or char, Delphi 2009 will now use that as unicode chars.
To use single-byte chars you'll have to use ansistring or ansichar explicitly. Though I'd advice you to use it when it's not in the way.

For your components, you'll just have to go and see.

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