BES disaster recovery

I am trying to put a disaster recovery in place.
I have successfully used RepliStor version 6.3 to get Exchange in a DR solution.
Does anyone know what to use for best practice for BES 4.1 for exchange?

My initial thought is in two ways
Install the live BES and configure it and add users.
Create an osql script to copy the database over to a share.
Install a second BES in my bes domain with a dummy database.
When the main BES dies, copy the database from the share to the other BES and fire it up.

Is this a good DR solution or should i go with plan B

Install BES on the first server, configure and get it running.
Turn of the first BES, install a second BES with the same name information as the first BES
Get it up and runing then shut it off, fire up the first BES and put the osql script in place.

My concern is that i want to have minimal downtime when the main BES goes down.

Anyone have any input on this, thanks
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You might find BES Disaster Recovery Guide from RIM useful -
SImply put, you need a hot spare.

You should have a scheduled taks that backups up the main to the backup ( sql user data )

You should not need any down time on the main BES at all, except for testing.

I hope this helps !
I would recommend a high availability solution that resolves your disaster recovery problems as well.
Make sure your database is on a standalone SQL server. Make sure that database is backed up. If possible, log shipping to a remote site is best, as it will be very up to date. Make sure you have your BES info (keys, instance names, etc.) documented. If you lose your BES, simply install BES on a new server, and name the BES instance (during the install) the same, and point to your SQL server... either your primary or your disaster site if needed. If you named the isntance the same, it wont know it ISNT the old server, and your users will be right back where they left off.

How many users do you have?
Are you planning for High Availability (less downtime) or disaster recovery (off-site datacenter)?
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