exchange 2003 still broken after restore

One server that pretty much did every thing, DC, mail, webhosting etc.  A few hard drives failed beyond recovery so I had to do a restore.  Wiped the c drive and installed fresh copy of windows server 2003.  Installed Symantec backup exec.  Booted into DSRM and restored c:\ and system state.  AD looks to be back in order, account are in place, DNS seems to be working etc.  Restored exchange 2003 information store.  Using system manager, storage groups are there and mounted.  Mailboxes are listed under each store.  Using either outlook or OWA I can log in and see mail, folders etc.  It has been over a couple hours and any test messages I have tried to send both out or in from another account like hotmail as testing aren't showing up.  No bounces or anything, it is just like they disappear.  

I can telnet to the mail server from the outside world on port 25.  It doesn't look like mail is even working between internal accounts.

Application event log is showing MSExchangeSA event id 9097 and MSExchangeMTA event id 290.  All mail services start just fine.  x400 is disabled though.  I am not sure if these errors are significant or not.  

Please help me figure out what is wrong.

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kenbakerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I think I got everything back up and working.  Mail is flowing in and out and the event logs look pretty good now.

Here is the MS KB that finally helped me:

I did the exchange 2003 /reinstall and then applied sp2 again and that didn't work.  It was not until later that at the very bottom of the above article that I saw the info on the smtpreinstall tool.  That did the trick.

tercex11Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Take a look at this  link.
kenbakerAuthor Commented:
I re-applied exchange 2003 sp2 and no luck.

I followed the kb tercex11 posted and while that cleared up those two event ids, still not seeing mail come or go.

In system manager watching the queue, I see the domain I am trying to test mail with pop in when I send a message.  It shows having a green check mark icon but still no messages.  There are other domains showing up to, both with green check marks and some showing retries which look most like spam.
kenbakerAuthor Commented:
Actually still getting the Event ID 290.  x.400 service MSExchangeMTA but like I said we don't use x400 so the service is disabled and I am not sure if this is relevant.

kenbakerAuthor Commented:
Ok, I guess I was confused on the x.400.  It is imap4 that we don't use and is disabled.  So, looking back at the event viewer we never used to get them and they are showing up every few minutes.  So maybe it does have something to do with why things aren't working.  
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