.Net Windows application and PDF redaction(editing)

Hi I am new to Acrobat SDK.
I am trying to develop a Windows application using C# which can load PDF documents(Scanned  Images) stored in Oracle database as BLOBS(Binary bytes) into the application window and allow user to redact(paint black rectangle) to hide sensitive info and save it back to Oracle using ADO.NET.
I am planning to use VISUAL STUDIO 2008, C#, ADOBE ACROBAT PRO 9.0 and ORACLE 11g
I have 3 questions;
# How do I load a PDF byte stream into windows application.
# Is there any activex PDF viewer available for the app to use to load the PDF? If no, then how do I do that?
What kind of tools/utility that acrobat provides for a windows .net app to allow user to redact the PDF.
# How can I save the redacted PDF it back to byte stream so I can save that to the database?.
Thanks a lot in advance
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hasan_tekAuthor Commented:
I am trying a different solution to this issue.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Take a look at iTextSharp (http://itextsharp.sourceforge.net/) - This will allow you to load a PDF, but drawing on a PDF image is not as simple as you might think. The Acrobat SDK will not help you - unless you are willing to write a plug-in (in C++), you do not have access to the bitmap information in the document. Acrobat does allow you to redact documents, but as far as I know, there is no API, so you have to use the Acrobat application to manipulate your documents.
hasan_tekAuthor Commented:
Is it easier to convert the PDF to Multipage TIFF(which I can do using ADOBE ACROBAT SDK) and use some drawing utility inside the app and convert it back to PDF?. IF that is possible could you please help me in what kind of controls do I use to edit a Tiff within the .Net app and how to programatically save the changes
You could just use a PictureBox.  Load the TIFF into the PB and allow the user to 'draw' on the picturebox by manually handling clicks and painting using GDI.

Than save the updated image back to PDF.
hasan_tekAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mac-will,
"allow the user to 'draw' on the picturebox by manually handling clicks and painting using GDI."
Could you suggest any code link or example regarding allowing user to click through and paint, because I donot have any experience with GDI.
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