allow iheretable persmission keeps reseting

I do have one user in my 2003 R2 Active directory whos Allow inheritable permissions check mark is being reset after some time. (15 min to 90 min time frame). When I save properties for the user   with check mark on inheritable permissions save and close reopen and check mark is still their but when I can back an hour later it will be unchecked again? (how do I found the source of the problem. Is it policy problem?
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This user is (or has been at one point) member of a "protected group" (Administrators, Account Operators, Server Operators, Print Operators, Backup Operators, Domain Admins, Schema Admins, Enterprise Admins, Cert Publishers); check here for details:
Delegated permissions are not available and inheritance is automatically disabled
Mike KlineCommented:
Another good article about AdminSDHolder can be found here:
 AdminSDHolder - or where did my permissions go?
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