Event IDs 8026 and 8031 in the event log Win 2003 SBS Locks

Hi All,

I have two customer sites where every 2-10 days the 2003SBS Server locks up and fills the application event log with "Unable to open LDAP session on directory using port number 389. Directory returned the LDAP error:[0x1] Operations Error" On one it lways seems to happen between 11pm and 6am. I have checked all the scheduled tasks that I know off, Set exchange not to run maintenance overnight (Whilst trying to diagnose). Backup is set to run at 8pm takes 1hr 30min so is always done and dusted before the lock up time. AV is set to scan once a week on sat at 1pm. Simililarities between the two sites are as follows.
The two Sites are different HP Proliant Model Servers

Site One...
Workstation: HP Proliant Server
Raid 1 Mirror (Hardware), 4GB Ram, 2x NIC (1x LAN & 1x WAN Setup)
Windows 2003 SBS inc SP2, EXSP2 Installed & Sharepoint v3.
Sophos AV inc PureMessage (Uninstalled & ran at high risk but issue still occured)
Symantec Backup Exec 11d (Set for manual for a couple of weeks no difference)
Blackberry Enterprise Server (Recent addition was failing before this)
Opera II
(This site to date has always had the issue overnight & I have received early morning calls to restart & get them up and running)

Site Two
Workstation: HP Proliant Server
Raid 1 Mirror (Software), 2GB Ram, 2x NIC (1x LAN & 1x WAN Setup)
Windows 2003 SBS inc SP2, EXSP2 Installed & Sharepoint v3.
AVG Server Adition
Symantec Backup Exec 11d
Sage Line 50
(This site normally happens overnight but I have today had the issue happen at 4pm)

Getting really frustrated with this issue now, just cant seem to get to the bottom of the cause.
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jasonuocsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Still ongoing! Looking to replace server as I suspect it must be a hardware fault.
Ran an update of all the drivers from the HP website?
jasonuocsAuthor Commented:
Hi Mark,

I updated all available drivers & Bios as suggested. Same thing this morning. I have noticed I receive the following email abit later...

Subject: IPSEC Services Alert on SERVER

Alert on SERVER at 15/02/2009 23:08:35

PolicyAgent service is Stopped.

This service provides end-to-end security between clients and servers on TCP/IP networks. If this service is stopped, TCP/IP security between clients and servers on the network will be impaired.

For more information about this event, see the event logs on the server computer. You can restart this service by using the View Services task in the Server Management Monitoring and Reporting taskpad.

You can disable this alert by using the Change Alert Notifications task.

Does this relate to the issue I am having?
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Hmm. I don't think so. This would certainly not lock up the system.

Have you excluded the Exchange directories from your Anti Virus scan?
See here: http://msexchangetips.blogspot.com/2006/09/exchange-identifying-file-level.html

What third party apps does this server run?
jasonuocsAuthor Commented:
Yeah I have, Thanks

Sophos AV
Blackberry Enterprise
Symantec backup Exec 11d
I do not believe it to be hardware related as I am having the same issue on a Dell Power Edge 840 server.
4gb memory, Dual Core Xeon Processor, Trend Worry Free AV, Backup Exec 12, SBS 2003 R2 Premium
RAID 1 config.

The server seems to just stop responding to client reqeusts and then fills the event log with the 8026 error. Once the server is rebooted, it comes back and is fine for a few days.
I cannot trace what is causing this problem.
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