Getting Variable Audio out from Cable box to Home Theater

I have Time Warner Cable using a Scientific Atlantic Explorer 8300HD.

I purchased a Samsung HT-X50 Home Theater system.

My setup is HDMI out from Cable box to TV and Optical Audio out from Cable Box to Optical In on the HT-X50.

Essentially, I want to be able to control the volume with the cable box, however, when I set the remote to have the volume run through the cable box I can put the volume up and down and even mute and it doesn't change the volume at all. I went into the cable box settings and it says "keep volume fixed for home theater system" I changed it to variable anyway and it still didn't do anything.

I wanted to add the Samsung HT-X50 to the universal remote that came with the cable box but there is no code that works. So i can't do that. So, my questions are, Is there anyway to get variable sound out of the cable box using the optical audio? Or is there some unpublished remote code I can use with my AT8400 AllTouch remote?
cmaohioSenior Systems ManagerAsked:
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Hey sorry, I was going to check the back of my Comcast box to see what it's IR send port looked like for reference, but I've been busy the last few days when I got home.  Look at RadioShack or it's equivalent in your area, or online for IR sender cables, find one that matches the port on the back of your box.  They are cheap. Personally I've always tried to not use them though because I didn't want the extra cables running around.

You might look into a Logitech Harmony remote, available from NewEgg or your local BestBuy, but I bet NewEgg is cheaper.  It's universal remote that you can use to replace your DVR remote, Stero Remote, and TV remote.  It connects to your PC via USB and you can download updates for your devices, as well as program activities so that at the push of a button it turns on the appropriate equipment and changes to correct channels/inputs.  Works good with my Tivo, Onkyo stero, PS2, Comcast cable box but is a little spotty with my Magnavox tv, I blame the tv though!
If you're only connection from the cable box to the theater sound system is the optical audio cable, then that is likely your problem.  The optical out from your cable box to your Samsung HT-X50 doesn't pass the commands, just the audio signal.

Does your cable box have an IR send control cable?  If so plug this into the back of the cable box, and put the transmitter over IR receiver for your samnsung ht-x50 so it can receive the commands sent out from the cable box.

Otherwise you will need to find the code you need for your remote for your theatre system.   Have you tried a code that is for a similar samsung not the specific one that you have?  may give you enough functionality to do what you need.
cmaohioSenior Systems ManagerAuthor Commented:
There is an IR port on the back of the cable box, but the instructions say it's "reserved" not sure what it is. Where would I find such an IR cable? what do I search for?

I have tried every samsung code they had in the instructions, none worked. I also tried the whole "search for the code" thing and none worked either.
cmaohioSenior Systems ManagerAuthor Commented:
Scientific Atlanta wrote me back from my support request and they told me all I can do is get an updated remote. I have the latest remote for the box so that's out.

I'll check into this IR thing. Thanks.

The harmony is more money that I would like to spend. So, I probably won't do that.
cmaohioSenior Systems ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
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