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Avaya Voicemail Through Email


I am looking to implement Avaya Voicemail through Email in our office. We run IPOffice and Voicemail Pro currently. We use AD and Exchange 2003 for email. I am trying to find a guide or get some help configuring voicemail through email. Does anyone have experience with this?
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Hi ociefish!

I haven't done this with IP Office/VMPro but in the case of Audix, the process is below and should be similar:

You will need to enable POP on the VMPro and enter in the Exchange IP settings.
You will need to install a software called POPCON on your exchange server, the license is about $75
You will need to install Avaya Voice Player on the desktop to play .lvp files the voice mail server delivers to exchange.

You can easily download Popcon and the LVP player by doing a google search.

If you need to have the voice mail played through a Blackberry or any standard Windows media player, then you will need the solution by Mutare called EVM.

Ask for Sheila Aschenbrenner, she has given good pricing to some other people I know:
1 916 435 9450 saschenbrenner @ mutare.com
With Voicemail Pro the process is much simpler.  Assuming you are running 4.1.xx or 4.2.xx follow these instructions.

1.  go to the Control Panel and double click 'IP Office Voicemail Pro".
2.  In Email Settings type in the email addy you want the VMPro service to use (ex: voicemail@whatever.com)
3.  In SMTP Settings type in the domain your email addy is on (ex: whatever.com), the SMTP Port (usually 25) and the login and password for the account if your mail server uses SMTP Authentication.
4.  Click 'Check', if its successful you won't get any prompt.  You will if it is not.  

Have tried the method above and still can't get i to send.

Is there anywhere I could check to see if there are errors?
you can get the debugger app for voicemail pro from the avaya website (dbgview.zip).  If you cannot find it let me know and I will email it to you.  
as far as your question is concerned, go to control panel > IP Office Voicemail Pro > enter the SMTP info for your email server (either the SMTP Connector address you us in Exchange or the IP Address of the Exchange SMTP server) and test.  You will also have to enter a login and password if you have SMTP authentication turned on.
If the settings are corrently auithenticating and you still are not able to send mail, you probably did not set your email setting from MAPI to SMTP in voicemail pro itself.  open the VMPro client app and go to
 1. Click the Preferences  icon and then choose General or VPNM. Alternatively, from the Administration menu, select Preferences and then choose General or VPNM.

2. Select the System Preferences tab required.

• General
General voicemail server settings.  

go to the MAPI tab, and change it from MAPI to SMTP, it will probably work after that.

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