Test DHCP response

I have setup a 2003 server with DHCP using 2 different subnets, the primay subnet works fine. The second subnet is for our IP phones that run on a seperate vlan and require an IP address and SIP server address from the DHCP server. I have set option 120 (SIP Server) to the PABX IP address and assigned it as an optio to the second DHCP pool. While the phones recieve an IP address automatically they are not getting the SIP server. Is there a way to test the DHCP response to see what information it is supply when it recieces a request?
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nextsolnAuthor Commented:
Problem still exists but we have worked around it.
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
Catch Packets with Wireshark, filter & try to decode?  
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