How do I configure Backup Exec 11d to backup mutliple servers to tape?

I currently backup multiple servers Exchange, DC's, SQL,Citrix, Web and File servers to one SATA tape connected to a backup proxy server running BE 11d. A full backup is done nightly taking up roughly 90% of a 1 TB drive.

We have recently purchased a rack mounted tape library (HP MSL2024) capable of holding 24 tapes or 23 if the mail slot is utilized. I have a total of 120 tapes available for rotation purposes.

I have been tasked keeping the environment backed up on a daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly basis archving the quarterly and yearly backups with they yearly backup until the next year's backup is conducted.

All servers including the one hosting BE are connected to a SAN; the BE server and tape library via fiber.

I am looking for the best recommendation to accomplish the backup requirements listed above. Most of the information I have found references backing up one server to one tape and nothing on how to backup up multiple servers to a tape library and more importantly how to setup the  tape rotation scheme.

Anything assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
Not familiar with the hardware or that version of Backup Exec, but some general advice:

You will likely start your backup of all servers with a full backup in BackupExec( BE)

After this point, you will likely choose a differential backup which backs up everthing since the last full backup. Incremental backups are an option, but they are a pain to restore since you have to restore from multiple backs, and differential backups only require you to restore the last full backup and then the latest differential backup for a complete restore.

In addition to this, you might want to consider the disk image method of backing up using the universal restore options of Backup Exec. This way, you can replace the server hardware, and restore the server images to be backup and running a lot faster.

I realize that you have already spent money on Backup Exec, but you might also want to consider using Acronis as well.

Although I'm not sure that they support your backup hardware--but you can chat with their pre-sales support people via the website and ask them this.

reevesblAuthor Commented:
That was information. However, I am trying to find information on  how to setup the proper tape rotation using the newly purchased tape library. When to swap tapes, how many to use, how do I get a quarterly or yearly backup with the rotation?
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