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I'm new in jquery and hoping that someone could help me solving my problem. The link above is the closest to what I wanted.

I want to implement shopping cart but instead of clicking 'trash' icon, I want to be able to click on the image it self and move the image to the shopping cart without any fadein/out effect like the demo on the link above

at the end i want to see a button that will alert the array of the <li> id from the item i selected.

Any help would be appreciated
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anoyesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your images are set up within a list?  In that case, you would want to start by binding a click event to the list items:
$('#ulProducts li').click(function() {
 // Here we'll handle the click

Now, in the onclick, you'll take care of adding the item to the shopping cart w/ ajax.  http://docs.jquery.com/Ajax has all the details you'll need on getting AJAX set up.  You can get the id attribute of the item that was clicked on by doing $(this).attr('id'); within the click handler.  Then, after your AJAX request succeedes, you can remove the li from the list by doing ('li#' + previouslyRetreivedID).remove();

Does all that make sense / do you need further clarification?
edyonlineAuthor Commented:
yes.. i tried the click function... I'm able to implement click function by clicking <li> object and the object move append to the new list. However, how can I click on the same object on the new list, and have the object goes back to the original list?
What you would essentially have to do is, after adding the new item to the list, add a click handler to it that does the reverse - move it back to the other list.  If you can provide some code samples I can probably show you exactly how to do it.
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