How To Edit a Flash Website Template

I just purchased a flash website template. It came with a swf file, contact.php, contact.asp, index.html and style.css.

I just purchased Adobe Flash C4 and I already have Microsoft Expression Web (though I might not need it).

I have an online host that does support PHP and MySQL.

I found a good tutorial @; but it doesn't cover all my needs.

I need someone to point me in the right direction as to how to do the following things:

1) My template comes with a login / password box. How do I get this to work?
2) My template comes with a search box. How do I get this to work?
3) There are some links at the top that changes the bottom panel to some readable data. And then there are some links that don't do anything. If I wanted to create new bottom panel entries; how can this be done?

Keep in mind that I'm very new to this sort of web design. I'm sure I'll have a lot of questions and that means a lot of points to award going forward.

I graciously thank you in advance.
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deharvyAuthor Commented:
After doing some more research, #3 can be achieved by using a method in Flash called 'Behaviors'. You are able to direct new content to specific timeline of events using this key attribute. So cool! My site isn't up yet; but making significant progress.
Eaddy BarnesITCommented:
first of all you would need to find the actionscript that controls your template.
 try using the movie explorer which can be found under the windows tab, or hit (alt + F3)
 when you find where the actionscript is located you can edit it to suit your needs.

 Is the movie written in AS3 or AS2.
I imagine you have these files saved in one folder on your local pc?

If you do.

Open Microsoft Expression
Go to File>New>Web Site
For now, choose one page web site

A site will be created

Go to File>Import File

Select Add File

navigate to the saved location of these files.

Import each file.

Then rename default.htm to defaultold.htm

and Index.htm to default.htm (Dont really need to as if this is the default site page it will load it wether it called index.htm or default.htm

But for the sake of keeping the names the same in expression use Default.htm for the main page.

Save the site.

Then preview it in the web browser.

deharvyAuthor Commented:
Ok. Thanks guys. I guess I wasn't clear. I understand how to edit using Flash. I need to understand the underlying functionality of how to get the login / password to work and the search functionality on the main page of the flash website.

So, do I need to configure MySQL to work with this? How does search work with Flash? Do I need any external programs? I might be able to figure out the contact.php. Do I also need to create a search.php since the template didn't come with one?
deharvyAuthor Commented:
Ok. I was able to find the answer to #1 via google searching for flash login authentication.

I was able to find an answer to #2 by using a search engine program.

#3 still evades me. But I guess I have to learn more about flash.
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