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I have 2 email accounts synched to my IPhone (POP accounts).  Call them account A and Account B.  For reasons too complicated to go into here, I want ALL my replies to appear as if they are coming from Account A.  I have set up Account A as the default, and NEW emails all come from this account.

When I reply to emails from Account A it uses Account A to send.  When I reply to emails from Account B it uses Account B to send, but I would like it to use Account A as well.

Is there any way I can do this?
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objectsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you could try setting the required email address as the address on both accounts

o/wise I'm not aware of a way

Go into settings  (on your email server side) for Account B and have them all forward to Account A.  Then delete Account B on the iPhone.  Therefore, all email will come through on Account A and when you reply to any of the messages, it will come from Account A.  I guess if you ever wanted to send an email from Account B, you could leave it in the phohe, then go into Account B to write an email, but if all the emails from Account B all forwarding to Account A, it would never show you any new messages in Account B.

Hope that helps,
OOOOO or see if you can setup your SMTP server on Account B with Account A's setting.  You would need to use the username and password for Account A in the SMTP part of Account B, but it might work!

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