Move Norton Internet Security

I bought a PC copy of Norton Internet Security 2008.  I activated all 3 copies.  I have now bught a new PC and want to move one of these license to the new machine.  The old machine will be decomissioned.  

I can't for the life of me find this information on the symantec website.  
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plysandersonAuthor Commented:
Tried this solution; found that it said zero days left on subscription - Used Symantec's email support, waited 3 days and was told they fred up one of my keys as long as I confirm it is being uninstalled on the original PC.  
I did this like 4 months ago. I just installed the av and then wipe out the hard drive from the old computer and my norton kept working.
Recently my subscription expired so i chose not to renew it and instead i went to a few product for anti virus plus another product for firewall.
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