QuickTime Movies Take Too Long to Open - Why?

I have a number of QuickTime movies that were created to be posted to a website. For whatever, reasons, the movies take a very long time to open - minutes!. The videos vary in length, some as large as 40MB. I downloaded a 3rd party .mov that was 80MB, and uploaded it the website - it had a fast start - meaning, it started playing within 5 seconds. So, what settings should I check for on the .mov I have? There is something obviously wrong as I would expect the movies start playing once a certain percentage was saved locally.

I have QT Pro, so please let me know what steps I take to view what settings the videos were exported as. Also, if I need to modify the .mov, will I need to export each one?
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hborisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
File/Export - Movie to QuickTime Movie, click Options. After you select video compressor and datarate appropriate for your website (probably H.264, rate about 768kbps) see the bottom selection captioned Prepare for Internet streaming. Enable it and choose Fast Start. That will buffer the file in just a few seconds and will start playing as soon as possible - with above mentioned settings and usual broadband speed almost immediately.

Boris Herman, ACSA
See Autoplay Modifier here:  http://medinfo.ufl.edu/omi/mtx/docs/movies.html
Oh, and yes, you will unfortunately need to re-export all movies again.

Boris Herman, ACSA
qwert5905Author Commented:
When I added a watermark and did "Save", the settings were lost. A simple "Save As" adds the fast streaming again - no export required.
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