How to make Internet faster using Squid Proxy


I have installed Squid 2.6 Proxy on Ubuntu 8.04 64bit Server.
I have configured the basic ACL configuration & rules to work.

Is there a possiblity of making Internet work faster using low bandwidth
2 MBPS 1:2 shared bandwithd for 100 users who will be connecting remote server & internet always.

I wanna make Internal URL's  & Internet to work faster using squid proxy.
Can anybody help on this

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kyleb84Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Just turn on caching...

How To:
Yes turn on Caching.  As well tuning the cache and system memory to optimize performance is useful as the default install is resource conservative on modern hardware.  Also check out untangle.
Also you have to force all users to use squid; this way you will achieve the best of squid's cache.
Block direct access to port 80/443 for all users through your internet router
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