How to reset the spell check

My accountant has been having a little problem lately.  Everything he types in his Outlook 2007 program gets approved by the spell checker.  I cannot remember the exact message it says, but it displays something like its finished and found no errors.  What I think has happened, is he approved everything one day, and now, it just accepts anything that is typed in.  How do I go in, and reset the spell checker to start working as it used, or to its default values.
Please leave a detailed description on how to get there, as I am not very familiar with the Office 2007 versions of programs.  Thanks.
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Rename the %appdata%\Microsoft\UProof folder to UProof-old....

Just copy the "%appdata%\Microsoft\" into your Start>run box....

Might wanna do the same for the Proof folder in the same MS folder, but I think thats the one there for pre 2007 Office....
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