How do you get around this error when using terminal services?

I'm having a bit of a problem accessing a Windows 2003 SBS via terminal services.  Within the LAN we can get to it no problem, but from the outside (over the interet) we can't connect.  The port is forwarded correctly in the router and when you attempt to connect from the outside it pulls up the remote desktop window and shows the server's internal IP address so we know it's forwarding . . . but then we get this message:

"The computer can't connect to the
remote computer because the Terminal Services Gateway Server address is
unreachable or incorrect.Type a valid server address"

The user attempting to login does have permission to do so remotely, for what that is worth.

Thanks in advance!
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Hello Jsmply,

why are you using the less secure straight RDP to take over the server?
do you know SBS has a feature called remote web workspace, which works over ports 443 and 4125?
it's better to close port 3389, and forward 443 and 4125.
After that, rerun the 'connec to the internet wizard', and make sure the certificate points to your external FQDN (eg
After that you can go to rww by typing httpS://FQDN/remote  then you will be able to click on 'connect to servers'.
Some more remote access and RWW info can be found here:

the reason you cannot connect now could be related to the SBS firewall policy, but it's better to connect with rww.


JsmplyAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  I'll take a look at that.  
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