Page length setup in Crystal Reports

I am using vs2005 with vb dotnet and SQL  for developing my application.

For my Reports, I am able to set the page length to 12 inches using the Printer setup selection at design time.However at Run time the print dialogue box appears and the default setup of the printer shows paper size as 'Letter'.

I have also changed the printing preferences in the properties option of the printer to 12 inches.

Also how can I suppress the display of the printer dialogue box?

Can anyone please  help out.


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CakinciConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In some printers there is an option in the properties like hide printing dialog screen.
For example i ve Epson printer and under Maintenance, there's a box to uncheck that is hiding dialog box .
What is your printer Model? Maybe it has also?

For the other problem now i am checking in crystal reports if i will find anything i will let you know.

Hope the first solution that i suggest will help you.

Taka care.
CakinciConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look i found some guidiline about your first problem.  Hope it will help you.


If Crystal Reports is installed on a Windows 2000 or NT computer, complete the following steps:

1. From the Windows desktop, click 'Start', then 'Settings', and select 'Control Panel'. This opens the 'Control Panel' window.

2. From 'Control Panel', double-click 'Printers'. This opens the 'Printers' window.

3. From 'File', select 'Server Properties'. This opens the 'Print Server Properties' window.

4. From the 'Forms' tab, choose an existing form, and then click 'Create a new form'.

5. From 'Form description', enter a name. For example, CustomPaperForm.

6. From 'Paper Size', enter the paper height width.

7. From 'Printer Area Margins', enter the left, right, top, and bottom margins.

The paper size or printer area margins information can be entered in either
centimeters or inches.

· To enter the information in centimeters, select 'Metric'.
· To enter the information in inches, select 'English'.

8. Select 'Save form', then click 'OK'.

To apply the custom paper size form, complete the following:

1. Launch Crystal Reports, and select the report.

2. From 'File', select 'Printer Setup'.

3. Select the custom paper size form from 'Paper'.

You are now able to print the report using the custom paper size form.


If Crystal Reports is installed on a Windows 9.x or ME computer, complete the following:

1. Launch Crystal Reports, and select the report.

2. From 'File', select 'Printer Setup', and click 'Properties'.

3. Select 'Custom', and then click the 'Custom' button.

4. Enter the custom height and width of the paper.

5. Click 'OK'.
joan04Author Commented:
Thanks for that quick reply.

I tried setting the page length through 'Print Server Properties' window.
as 10x12.
however when I open up Crystal reports I do not see this option in the page length
selection combo box.

Also, irrespective of the selection made in design mode, at Runtime the Printer setting gets set to Letter size.

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