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How shoulld i forward all my my outgoing mails from my mail id to another mail id. for eg: sends one outgoing mail to and , Now help me understand being an administrator if can forward this copy of maill from to without informing
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greesh_hemConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you check under the Global Settings>Internet Message Formats >Default>Properties , there is an option available called "Allow automatic forward" and this is what it does:

"Select this check box to allow messages to automatically be forwarded to another recipient under this SMTP policy. "

Hope this helps
in Exchange 2007 you can realise this with Transport Rules.
Check out the following article
* Assuming you are using Exchange Server 2003 and also that if would be one of the default recipients for emails sent by, then you could enable email forwarding using Active Directory Users and Computers console

* In ADUC, select the user properties of and in the Exchange General Tab, under Delivery Options button, you could set a forwarder to the mailbox.

* And if it is Exchange 2007 Server, then as mikainz quoted, you could use the Exchange Transport Rules on the Hub Transport server and accomplish this task as a piece of cake

Good Luck (^_^)
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