Network Card Disconnects for no reason

Network card randonly disconnects itself from the network.
It actually seems to turn itsELf off as both lights on the back of the NIC are turned off.
Enables itself again when I reboot.

PC is a HP nx2710 SFF, XP Pro w sp3, All HP updates installed and drivers updated.
Realtek NIC
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This is a classic symptom of port speed/duplex negotiation problems. To verify, hard-code the port speed and duplex settings on both the switch and the card. You might have to try all possible combinations of hard-coding (e.g. hardcode switch but not card, then card, but not switch,and finally both). If this stops your random disconnects, you've solved the problem.

Ethernet port speed and duplex negotiation can have serious compatibility issues even between devices from the same manufacturer. I have both HP switches and HP servers and regularly encounter this problem. You're lucky that you're getting such a clear symptom; often you only get crummy performance.


Reset BIOS to default,

log into windows and check if this fixes the issue

Also go to NIC properties and advanced option take out tick from "allow the computer to turn off this deivce to save power"

may be your Pc is turning it off,

any question feel free to send it across
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