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How do I validate date format to be mmddyyyy during data conversion in SSIS

I am importing a excel file and tryinng to convert data types to match the database types.
I have a date field in the source file. I used DB_TIMESTAMP during data conversion.
But when I run the package, it throws error on the rows where the date field is empty (ie, there is 'NULL' in the source file)
Also how do I make sure that the date is in mmddyyyy format?
Please help!
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1 Solution

use an expression while you are converting i.e. you should do this control and conversion in a derived column component.

FIELD_NAME == "" ? (DT_STR,8,1254)NULL(DT_STR,4,1254) : FIELD_NAME

here 1254 is the code page and you should change it to your code page. this expression returns the date values and NULL for the empty ones.
Use a conditional expression: «boolean_expression» ? «when_true» : «when_false»
Here is the expression, assuming your column from the file was Column 0. You also need to make sure the Destination table accepts NULL values in the date column.
LEN(TRIM([Column 0])) > 1 ? (DT_DBTIMESTAMP)[Column 0] : NULL(DT_DBTIMESTAMP)  
dorsunAuthor Commented:
Thank you this worked
dorsunAuthor Commented:
Hi tigin44,

Your solution worked in the derived column. Later I had to use data conversion to convert to database type.
The derived column type is string Unicode String [DT_WSTR]
In data conversion I want to convert to DBTIMESTAMP. Since the data type of the column in the database is of datetime.
When I run the package, I get an error 'Data conversion failed while converting column birth_date_dc(derived column) to column birth_date_db (database)

Please help me out in this,


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