Page Offset between HTML page and ASP.Net page

Hi Experts,

I have a series of HTMLpages with a menu bar across the top.
All the web pages had the menu bar in the same place.

I converted one of the pages to ASP.Net and while it is the same size, it is offset to the right by about 10 pixels compared to HTML pages.

I assume that this is due to the <Form> tag reuired by an ASP.Net page?

Is there a easy way round this?

Alternatively I could convert the other pages to ASP.Net


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David H.H.LeeCommented:
Hi AndyCollinson,
I'm not sure about the exact pixels that inserted in <form> tag. Perhaps you can use "JR Screen Ruler" to measure the design adjustment. Hope it helps.
David H.H.LeeCommented:
Hi AndyCollinson,
Perhaps you can set the offset margin property inside <body> tag.
<body leftMargin="0" topMargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0">
AndyCollinsonAuthor Commented:
Do you know the number of pixels that an ASP.Net <Form> tag inserts? Then I would know how many pixels to put as the offset into the HTML pages?

Alternatively, Is there an ASP.Net way of stopping this offset? Is it the <form> tag anyway?

As I said the other option is to change the other pages into ASP.Net - which would be just as easy...
AndyCollinsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks xcom.
It was me being stupid!
There was an entry in the style section of the page overiding the external style sheet of the other pages.
Anyway problem solved.
Thanks anyway
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