Dear all,

I have encountered a problem with my SBS this morning where one of the address leases keeps renaming itself to BAD_ADDRESS.

We are a small company and have a range of IPs from a central router owned and controlled by the business centre which have access to the internet. These are and the SBS is on

It is which keeps coming up as BAD_ADDRESS. The PC that it was affecting, I swapped the IP with another which is rarely used and now this one has the problem.

All I do is make the reservation and then enable the NIC on the client and it goes BAD.

Yesterday I had to change the DNS address on the server so I ran the internet/email wizard - this is the only change. Other than that the DHCP reservation and leases have been working perfectly for over 3 years!

I would appreciate any input for a solution to this.

JackHodsonIT ManagerAsked:
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suppsawsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello JackHodson,

please give us an ipconfig /all of the server and a problem workstation.
is the SBS server the only dhcp server, or is the router providing dhcp?
actually, you should put a router in between the isp modem and the network.
That way the external interface of the router has a fixed ip of for example, the internal range can be 192.168.16.* or whatever you want.


plug1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would suggest that someone else in th ebuilding is using this address. Turn off the pc in question and then ping that address from the server, if your still getting a response then its in use elsewhere.
JackHodsonIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input, I did not try anything yet but I was about to and I looked at the client PC and it has fixed itself and has the IP address I intended and distributed by the DHCP server on the SBS (the only DHCP server)

Is there a way to check the DHCP logs to see what was going on?

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It may be working just now but if someone else in the building has turned thier PC off or taken thier laptom home you might have the same problem tomorrow. The DHCP logs will be useless for this really.  
is there anybody in the building using a fixed ip? that could cause the bad address, if that was the same that the sbs dhcp provided.
Thats exactly what Ive been saying suppsaws..
JackHodsonIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
This IP range should be unique to us. If it happens again I will try an ip scanner tool and find out. I did a ping earlier but 100% loss.
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