Access Denied when accessing Services.msc using Administrator account

I am facing a problem to access the services.msc. I am using the administrator ID which already have the administrator rights. But when I go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools, I could not access to Services. And I found out the files are in blue colour.

Why the files are in blue colour?
Is there anyway to access the Services?
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deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
What exact message do you get when starting services.msc? Can you start services.msc in a command prompt?
In explorer, compressed files are marked blue..
cybermilkyAuthor Commented:
When I click Start | Run, then type SERVICES.MSC, the message is showing:

Access is denied.

If I go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools, then click Services, the message is showing:

Access is denied.

I could not access in command prompt too.
deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
It seems like the account you're logged in with isn't administrator after all. Maybe it is a renamed user account, maybe the built-in groups are renamed (the group users is renamed to administrators and vice versa). Check by assigning your account to all other groups.
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Can you open any Snapins?


Right click the actual file in c:\Windows\system32\, and check to see if the ACL's are properly setup.... Even limited users can launch them by default....

May be a simple solution. Addiitonal permissions might have goten out of whack, or a policy enabled in the registry....

RegMon for Windows v7.04

FileMon for Windows v7.04

Set the filter at the top to Include "services.msc", to highlight "access denied", and then try and recreate the errors by launching the application..........Then go to these apps, and look for the red, and it will tell you where the permissions are shot. Open up those areas for "Users" and then test.....

Or even use the new and improved utility form Sysinternals, that contains them both....

Process Monitor v1.22

Then you can remove thier Admin Rights......
And have you looked at the possibiliy of a Spyware/Viral infection as well?

Perhaps a HijackThis logfile might shed some insight...

BTW, if you created a new account, with admin rights, does that work?
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