Installing MailEnable on the live server

Hi Experts

I had a situation where my boss wanted to set a redirect on one of the mailbox on the server which uses a standard IIS mail server.

I have been advised to use Mail Enable which allows me to do bit more than IIS standard features.

I have downloaded it from there site but before I actually installed on the live server, I wanted to know if any precautions I would have to take ?

I mean, because all other mailboxes using POP3 services are active and live and installing this would have any impact on them?

Please can someone advise how to proceed for this?

Thank you

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Praveen DMConnect With a Mentor Infra Team LeadCommented:
I guess you must be having an admin who must be administrating the mail server for your organisation.. Please get in touch with him for the mail server details..

And make sure to get info if you have to setup mail server or a relay server for routing the script based mails from your windows web server...

FYI Mail Enable itself is a mail server component and its trial version is used mainly for Relay purpose only... so make a clear documentation on your organization server setup's and then prepare a doc and then later start working clearly..

Note : All you need to install Mail enable is
1. Is Mail Enable setup going to serve your organization as key Mail server ?
2. Or Is it just goin to be used for Mail relay for script based mails in windows web server ?

..Put your domain name in this URL
Once you chweck you can see a column in result..
" CheckDNS.NET tests mail-servers "

You will get the mail server IP and the port numbers and if they are listning or not etc...then u can determine if the server is under your control or not with the IP range...and other details...
Praveen DMInfra Team LeadCommented:
IIS just has SMTP services used to send script based mails..Its not a complete mail server ... Can you confirm if no other mail software is installed in your server like ..Smarter mail..or any other mail software od do u use any other mail server ...

All you need to know if that if you install mail enable the default post will be used by mail enablee...and What I guess you are trying to achieve is mail relay system for script based mail ... Please add more details for a clear assistance..

newbie27Author Commented:
hello servoadmin:

thanks for your input, i thought i only have IIS which we are using on the server.

there is no such server visible on the server

can you please advise if there is any specific way of looking into this?

thanks for your help
newbie27Author Commented:
hi servoadmin,

thank you so much for your advise and suggestions

apparently there is no other person in IT except me for now, I am basically a web developer and honestly have no idea of the mail server, previously we used to have a guy who used to do admin stuff but not anymore..

i have followed your suggested link above, however i still cant see if there is any other email server...although the test result says 2 mail servers ...

please can you advise again?

newbie27Author Commented:

Hello again,

please can you still be able to advise me on this?

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