Public Folder Tree missing when browsing for "Associated Public Folder Tree" from the new PF Store property sheet.

I have an Exchange 2003 organisation working in mixed mode with an Exchange 2003 cluster and two legacy Exchange 5.5 servers in the same mixed mode organisation.

The Exchange 2003 servers are v6.5 (Build 7638.2: SP2).

The Exchange 5.5 servers are v5.5 (2653.23: SP4).

When I attempt to creat a new Public Folder Store and I try to select the "Associated Public Folder Tree" I am only able to see one item in the Tree. However when I browse to 'Folders' in Exchange System Manager I am able to see two items in the tree. Suffice to say that the item that I want to set as the "Associated Public Folder Tree" is the item that is missing.

Any ideas?
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Testing it here, it does the same for me, therefore I have to presume that is a limitation of Public Folders.

Why are you trying to create a new public folder store?
You should really only have one store per server and the same tree across the Org.

Jenny_LawAuthor Commented:
I want to add an additional replica of the existing Public Folder tree and have Quest Migration Manager use this for Public Folder synchronization between the source Exchange 2003 Mixed Mode Organisation and the target Exchange 2007 organisation.

The question is why can't I see all trees under "ESM\Org name\Folders" when clicking browse in the new Public Folder properties dialogue. There are two trees under "Folders" but when I click the browse button I can only see one of them.
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