Sage Line 50 "Unable to Connect to data Source"

I have a network with SBS 2003 running, and Sage Line 50 V12.  All machines run fine - with one older machine I am having a problem with printing reports and invoices.  When you hit print it tells you "Unable to Connect to Data Source - check Configuration".

I have trawled the web and it seems to be an ODBC driver problem.  I have tried re-installing the ODBC driver from the Sage files on the server - it installs OK.  I have also tried opening Sage directly from the server file directory to see if that makes a difference.

I have also had this problem intermittently on a laptop which connects to the network wirelessly.  can't get to the bottom of it.  The default printers that Sage uses for these reports are all installed on both machines.

Is there anything else I am missing that would cause this to be a problem?

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We had a similar issue on a different version of sage; however it was occumpanied by several other error messages. It turned out that we have multiple users accessing sage at the same time using the same u/p. We solved the issue by ensuring that all users had their own u/p.
Bruce DenneySage 50 Consultant and IntegratorCommented:
I would check the "company" file this is in the installation directory eg c:\program files\sage\accounts
open it using notepad and check that there is not a trailing slash on the path to your data.

open the demo data and see if you can print from that

let me know how you get on.
HobbyCAuthor Commented:
The COMPANY file is showing "c:\program files\sage\accounts"

I opened the demo data, and I can't print reports from that either.  

I find that if I'm in the customer module and click on "Print List", I can connect to the printer and print this list out, but anything with a report format pulls up the error message.

If Sage can connect to the data, and connect to the printer, it must be something to do with where it gets the report layout data from.  Is there a different file containing the path to the layout data, maybe?
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Bruce DenneySage 50 Consultant and IntegratorCommented:
The datapath in your "company" file is pointing to your local C drive which is wrong, I would expect it to point to a server location.

Can you run Sage 50 and check the data and installation directories as reported in Help>About>System Information>Directories

I suspect there are multiple installations on this PC, perhaps as a result of being upgraded from older versions.

If the software is not running from where you think then this would explain why the datapath in the company file is not making sense.

Perhaps the re-installation of the odbc drivers worked, but on the wrong installation.

I would uninstall all copies of sage 50, delete all the remains of the installation directories and reinstall afresh.

To find any "orphaned" installations, you could search your entire computer (probably a good idea to include hidden folders) for files called sage.usr

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HobbyCAuthor Commented:
I uninstalled and re-installed Sage on the client using netsetup from the server, and the program will now print reports under various different logins, so immediate problem solved.

I looked in the Help > About > Directories and it shows:

Program Directory: C:\Program files\Sage\Accounts
Data Directory: \\SERVER\Sage\Accounts\Accdata

These are the default settings when I install Sage on clients.  

The "COMPANY" file on the server shows "C:\PROGRAM FILES\SAGE\ACCOUNTS".

Do I need to change any of these settings?
Bruce DenneySage 50 Consultant and IntegratorCommented:
The company file contains the path to the data that the client is using.

This SHOULD, in your case, be \\SERVER\Sage\Accounts\Accdata

The file itself should be in the program directory in your case C:\Program files\Sage\Accounts

The only reasons I have encountered for this are, the installation directory being another directory or the file not being the company file, (but a saved copy perhaps company.txt with the file extension hidden).

HobbyCAuthor Commented:
Thanks - uninstalled and reinstalled Sage on the machine and the problem seems to be solved.
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