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We've just installed a server with Windows 2008 Terminal Server for a customer.
The customer is using a dos application (which runs fine) and has to print documents to a LPT port.
We've shared the printer did a net use lpt3 \\server\printer and succesfully could give a dir > lpt3 as administrator.
Here's the problem we cannot get a user to print to lpt3. The error message is Access Denied.
We've created a new user (copy from admin) and also the error message is Access Denied.
We've tried this in a Terminal Session, Workstation and Server. Administrator always can print, a user always get's the error access denied.
For the record, the user can print to the windows printer the problem only exists when we are trying to do a net use lpt3 command. The user is able to disconnect and connect lpt3 to a printer. There's no error and when we use net use you see that lpt3 is connect.
We also have tried lpt1, 2, 5 and 7.

Please help
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DSEServicesConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
So we found the solution our selves. Somehow the users could not print on a port mapping and so we thought it would have to do with rights. And we were right. We changed the rights on the C:\Windows\System32\spool folder for the users to full control and now printing through a lpt mapping is working fine.
DSEServices: I'm having the exact same problem, and I have now added the Domain Users and given them full control rights on the spool folder, but I still gets the Access Denied error.
Is there any other thing I have to do ?
Arh, my Terminal is not print server, so I had to do the permission trick on my print server instead of on the Terminal Server.... now its working. Thanks... I have worked about 5 hours on this problem.
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