Backup Exec 12.5 not overwriting backups

I have a couple of sites where Backup Exec does not overwrite the files on the backup media. They use removable USB devices, either Dell RD1000 or WD Passports. I constantly have to manually deleted old back ups.
In Device and Media section of the job, I have it set to "Overwrite Media." the media set is configured to overwrite protection period 1 hour
I change the settings in Tools / Media management - Media overwrite protection level to "None" and unchecked "Prompt before overwriting"
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ajdratchConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I believe I have found the solution.
Aside from making sure it is overwritable in the media set and the job, go to Tools / Options / Media Management. Media overwrite protection set to none  Ive always done this. The key is to choose the second option under media overwrite options
Can you verify that the backup job is set to use the media set which you have programmed? It may be backing up to another media set with sdifferent data retention prolicy.

ajdratchAuthor Commented:
It is set to the proper one.  I simply renamed the existing "never allow overwrite..." and changed the settings to 1 hour.  When I go to properties of that media set and click on the Vault Rules tab, it tells me that the Overwrite protection level is set to none so this media protection period will be ignored
ajdratchAuthor Commented:
Sorry I was not clear on one thing. This is happening to the Exchange backup folders - img000xx folders. The bkf files are getting overwritten.
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