exchange outlook issue new MPLS

A really weird problem.  This started happening on Monday morning  after wed changed the SMTP routing to go over the MPLS circuit.

When a user in a remote office connects to Outlook, it connects to Exchange but doesnt download any mail.  Its not machine specific (weve tried it on a couple of machines) nor mailbox specific (the same thing occurs for me on her machine).

Ive successfully worked around it by setting it up to use RPC over HTTP, which suggests that non-encapsulated RPCs are being blocked somewhere.  Any thoughts?

an interesting side-effect of this is that new primary folders (for Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, etc. but not Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items) are being created on the Exchange server.  the user now has five of each, Ive got a couple of each.  Have you come across anything like this before?  Because the new folder is flagged as Primary within Exchange, it cant be deleted.

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I preassume you are running windows server 2003. Check the MTU size on all routing devices you have. Changing it down to 1450 or 1472 (recommended). All over that I would suggest running a network monitor to see what is going wrong.

Let us know.

mhamerAuthor Commented:
mtu changed an dit worked  lots of other issues now but this one fixed
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