How to change ip address on windows 2003 server running exchange 2007

Please help me on following:
How to rename windows 2003 server running ms exchange 2007?
How to  change the ip address of the server running ms exchange 2007?
Thanking You

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Hi, Changing IP address of the Exchange Server is rather easy, just update the IP address under TCP/IP settings and modify the DNS entries accordingly. However I wouldn't suggest renaming the computer which has Exchange installed, as it would cause lot of AD issues.
Just make sure your DNS is healthy and does not have any problems with dynamic updates registration. YOu can change the IP of the exchange server without any problems. However, you will also need to keep in mind that if you have any other application which is using the exchange IP as a smtp or pop, imap or rpc client you will have to change the entries there as well. Procedure is to simply run ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /registerdns.

For renaming the server, I would say dont do it neither thats supported. You may want to have aliases created for the windows box but for exchange you can not change the server name, this will break everything.

Here is a good read though that talks about clustered exchange...

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