Create the GDI+ font based on the given character height/width

Posted on 2009-02-12
Last Modified: 2013-12-03
Hello there.

I have a font I want to use it for drawing, and I want to center a character of the font in a specific RECT I have. How do I create the font so when I draw the text, the character fits exactly (or almost) in the drawn area ? This is score drawing so the notes must be placed at exact positions.

This is the function I 've been using so far, but it either creates a very small font, or it doesn't center. The function has to work with any font character.

Best Regards.

RECT OutputNoteText(Gdiplus::Graphics* g,const wchar_t* x,int s,RECT& r,int th,Gdiplus::Brush* bx)


	RECT A = {0};

	// Create the note font


	if (th == 0)

		th = r.bottom -;

	Gdiplus::FontFamily fam(_T("Some family"));

	Gdiplus::Font* fo = new Gdiplus::Font(&fam,th,FontStyleRegular,UnitPixel);


	Gdiplus::RectF r1(r.left,,r.right - r.left,r.bottom -;

	Gdiplus::RectF r2;



	Gdiplus::StringFormat sf;


	Gdiplus::SolidBrush br(Color(0,0,0));

	g->DrawString(x,s,fo,r2,&sf,bx ? bx : &br);


	A.left = r2.X; = r2.Y;

	A.right = r2.X + r2.Width;

	A.bottom = r2.Y + r2.Height;


	delete fo;

	return A;


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Question by:WxW
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    Accepted Solution

    I've done this in c#, where I drew a number in the center of a rectangle.
    Hope this helps

    // C#
    // here sectorWidth and sectorHeight would be your rectangles height and width
    SizeF size = g.MeasureString(number.ToString(), font);
    g.DrawString(number.ToString(), font, brush, new PointF(x * sectorWidth + sectorWidth / 2 - size.Width / 2, y * sectorHeight + sectorHeight / 2 - size.Height / 2));

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    Expert Comment

    One note to the above, x and y here was row and column number in a grid. You should replace x* sectorWidth and y * sectorHeight with your X and Y position for the rectangle.
    Something like this:
    g.DrawString(number.ToString(), font, brush, new PointF( your_X_position + sectorWidth / 2 - size.Width / 2, your_Y_position + sectorHeight / 2 - size.Height / 2));

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