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CITRIX and SSL VPN merge

We currently use SSL VPN (which uses Vasco Digipass authentication) and secondly a CITRIX server for remote access. In order to connect to these users must first browse to a URL and input their username and password for then vpn (using the digipass), and once that has connected browse to a second URL in order to login with their domain logons to the citrix server.

I have noticed that a third party company has these two processes merged into one url that prompts for both the domain password and the VPM(digipass) password.

How could i set this up for us?
1 Solution
simplest way would be CAG - citrix access gateway. acts as vpn firewall and webserver in one - that connects outside users through https to the citrix servers internallly. users authenticate on a website (AD auth) and then logs them iton citrix apps via website.

could this be what this third party is using?
ict-torquilclarkAuthor Commented:
The soultion i am looking for is more to merge the two current web pages into one, or get the CITRIX logon URL to automatically open once the VPN is connected?

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