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NIC teaming with Broadcom NIC on Cisco switch

I have setup NIC teaming in the Broadcom software, with both NIC's attached to a Cisco 4510, and the etherchannel setup.  Both NIC's are 1GB.  However the link speed of the team is showing as 1 GB.  Also, when looking at the status of the two NIC's only one is showing any significant activity.  Does anyone have any ideas why it's not showing 2 GB and using both NIC's?
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what kind of link aggregation you set up?
You should choose performance+redundancy with LACP
Then you should configure etherchannel also with lacp
conf t
int gi0/1
desc first_nic
channel-group mode passive
int gi0/2
desc second_nic
channel-group mode passive

int po1
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan XX <- put correct vlan number here


you can see, that cisco side is configured with lacp passive, so broadcoms should be configured with lacp active
with both NIC's attached to a Cisco 4510....

What is the purpose of connecting to NICs to one switch? Load balancing?

If you have the two NICs connect in a managed switch with different Vlan, your NIC teaming must be in fault tolerant (failover) mode instead of load balancing. The common practice of failover is each NIC port connects to a different switch so if one switch goes down, other will pick up.

why it's not showing 2 GB and using both NIC's?
Link speed is not a sum of speed. If the link speed on your interface is 1GB, it's the maximum of link speed aprx. 1GB substract network overhead regardless the number of NICs in a team. So if you team 4 nics together, the link speed is still 1GB. If you have it load balancing, you will still have it 1GB but you have more room for traffic load.

RoryMcCAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks exp, that is the way I had it configured.


Yes, it's for load balancing.  It's a backup server and could see the NIC hitting 100% sometimes so I though I'd try teaming the NIC's to see if it improved performance.  Thanks for the explanation.
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