how to access WSUS like

I have WSUS running and automatic updates that I push out work just fine.

But when I build a new machine and need to update the computer I want to go to my update server instead of   I have tried going to the URL I have set up in GP for each machine to point to for updates but that doesn't seem to work. says under construction.

Thank you
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They only way I can think to use it would be to set a gpo that says install new updates everyday then when you have your machine imaged and you run the update it should pull from the GPO that says go the WSUS server and download the approved updates.
WSUS doesnt work like that.  The machines should automatically get updates on a set schedule using group policy (this is normally the method admins use)
There is no website for clients to go to WSUS isnt a website to choose downloads from.
codeyelloAuthor Commented:
I use the schedule for normal use. but when I build a machine I do all the updates in in one day. auto update is to slow and will only check once a day.  I might have 3-4 sets of upgrades. anyway to make it check again and again?

the updates would download much faster from my server through a gigabit network then my T3 connection and would save me time.   You know how it goes friday evening they tell you a new employee starts and need it first thing monday morning, and we don't really do imaging (yet) its like pulling teath to get them to spend money.
codeyelloAuthor Commented:
thank you for the input
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