I have to remove the battery in my BlackBerry Bold every 3 weeks or so otherwise it bugs out!

I have a BlackBerry Bold that works lovely for the most part.  Awesome smart-phone.  I never turn my phone off, I just plug it in by my bed side every night, allow it to go into bedside mode and start my day.  

Now every so often, when I try to compose an SMS message, and I start typing a name that is in my Contacts, it does not search for the names!  Normally, as soon as I start typing it will start searching as I type (I guess it is indexed) for names that match the letters I am typing.  It is very annoying when this feature stops working.  Another thing, when it starts behaving like this, I can't just start typing the names on the home page to make a phone call either.  It just does not find anybody.  To fix this problem, I have to remove the battery to kill all power to the phone completely and then put it back in.  Powering off the unit by pressing the power button does not fix it.  It does not seem to totally turn it off.  Does anybody know what can be causing this or what I can do to fix it?  It seems to happen every 3 weeks or so.  SO I am guess it is like a Windows computer that after having a long up time it just starts to bug out for whatever reason.. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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If the Bold works like the Curve, instead of pulling the battery you can do a soft reset by pressing: alt + R shift + del.

Mine had some quirks like that (slightly different though). I'd do a reset on it every night, and that took care of most problems. I have found that upgrading to the latest version of the OS has solved a lot of the quirky problems without needing to reset.

Do you have the most current version of the OS?
Do you do any traveling that would require a re-program of your device every so often?
Also, do you house large amounts of email/files on the device?
dominicbenjaminAuthor Commented:
No, I just got the phone in December so I haven't travelled at all with it as yet.  I don't think I have large amounts of E-mails in it.  I delete most of them every so often.  It has loads of free space on the device memory also so I don't think it's a space related issue.
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dominicbenjaminAuthor Commented:
Hey Statler01,

I tried doing that soft reset thing you told me about.  It works on the bold too! Thanks! I never knew about that.  At least I don't have to remove the battery everytime it does this annoying thing now.  I am not sure if I have the latest software version, nor do I know how to check it.  I don't tamper with the OS on the phone that much because I'm afraid I'll do something and mess up the whole phone lol.  

How do i go about upgrading the software?  Can you send a link or provide brief instructions please?

Kind Regards
I'm glad it worked for you. I'm not sure why RIM doesn't include that more clearly in the documentation that ships with the phone. I had to learn about it on the web as well.

Upgrading the OS is pretty painless... Here's a good tutorial: http://crackberry.com/blackberry-101-how-install-or-upgrade-new-rim-operating-system-os
BTW, when you go to options-->about, the most current OS is v4.5.0.81.
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