Do these KB Patches Conflict with each other?

We just applied MS09-003 Security Update for Exchange 2003.  We have some users having issues with Vista IE7 Exchange Web View - when replying to an Email we get a small white image icon with a red x in it and cannot respond. To fix this we need to apply patch KB911829.

I want to make sure this older patch does not impact the most recent security update we applied.

Can anyone tell me if it is safe to apply KB911829 after installing MS09-003 Security Update for Exchange 2003?

Thank you,

Shawn JanesAsked:
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Patches should really be applied in order of release, because they can replace other files. Therefore if you do apply an older patch you should apply the newer patches afterwards.

Shawn JanesAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mestha! Have a great day.
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