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I'm having a real difficult time connecting to my email server.  We have our email hosted offsite and use Exchange 5.5 with Outlook 2003 clients.

If someone has a large attachment or email to download Outlook gets slowed to a crawl when retrieving that email.  I. E. I've got a 2MB email to download, OUtlook begins to download the email and after a small amount of bytes are downloaded the email slows to an incredibly slow crawl and ends up timing out.  This is happening to all 23 users in my office.  Smaller emails always download fine.

Because of this problem I decided to play with the connections settings and switched it over to a secure connection.  Once I did this all emails no matter the size downloaded fine.  A couple of days ago we began getting errors intermittently indicating:

Task ' - Receiving' reported error (ox800CCC0F): 'The connection to the server was interrupted.  If this problem continues, contact your server admin or ISP.

If I keep hitting Send/Receive I error out with the above error about 60% of the time, which is causing problems with my users since they automatically try to connect every 5 minutes.  Sometimes they don't get emails until over an hour after they should have come in.

I have talked to my email host and they indicate there are no problems on their end.  I have talked to my firewall support and they don't see an indication of any problems on their end.

Any help here would be great!!  I am at a loss.  TX!
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r_talkingtonConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Turns out there is a series of routers along the way that are having latency issues.  
Depending on your circuit and your ISP you may have issues pulling down attachments. On a slow circuit I would suggest using cached mode...this way they mail is pulled down first then displayed to the user.
r_talkingtonAuthor Commented:
Right now I do not have a problem downloading emails once they start.  I only had that problem when I was using a non secure connection.  Once I switched the connection settings to encrypted, attachments, even real big attachments, download fine.  If my (secure) connection to the server starts to download email then it works fine.  I just can't get it to starting downloading email 60% or more of the time.  It brings up the error.
See this Kb article from Microsoft>
r_talkingtonAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks.

Unfortunately none of those issues apply here.  It is happening for all 23 workstations so for most of those issues it would be quite a coincidence for every account to have a profile, corrupt email, etc. problem.

I did create my account in Outlook Express and every time I hit Send/Receive it goes through fine.  So I believe it has something to do with the way Outlook is working compared to Outlook Express.
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